Dreamers: The Musement Park Is for You

The Musement Park is a dream by a dreamer, for dreamers. It is a project for the future. The answer to the silent cry of dreamers everywhere for a place of their own. This blog is a taste of what is to come, an early-pre-alpha-testing version of the Park.

It is a theme park, but unlike most theme parks that are designed to amuse you, the Musement Park will bring out the joy of musing — thinking, creating, inventing, acting, imagining, pretending!

It may start with a smaller place that is at the core: a Haven for Dreamers.  People who are called dreamers, bookworms and nerds, the shy, awkward types who would rather participate in a science fair, art exhibition, language club or dramatic production than in sports or parties. Here we begin with a library of books, not all kinds of books but many: science, art, crafts, languages! But this is not just a library, it’s the ultimate hands-on museum, for besides the books there are materials for creating art, kits for building models, electronics, robotics, and for doing scientific experiments. Microscopes and telescopes, color filters, lenses, and other optical paraphernalia. An aquarium and a micro-zoo  with an ant farm and other very tiny animals, and plants growing in a sunny place by a window. There are even toys and games that are educational. As it grows, space would be added for radio controlled vehicles, robots, and aircraft. All gathered in one place, where dreamers could do the things they love with other dreamers.

The next step would be to add the Fantasy Hero Training Center, where imagination is united to physical activity, and exercise is -transformed into adventures. Dreamers need to take care of their bodies, too, but sports and exercise often leave them feeling left out, inadequate, or bored. Here, instead of running around a track, dreamers run through an ever-changing obstacle course. Instead of playing baseball, dreamers play meteor ball, as batters heft a huge log (a disguised carpet roll) to swat the large balls modified to look like meteors the opposing team launches from a large sling. Why just lift weights, dreamers, when you can lift the front of a car (with a lever or block and tackle). The stationary bikes and treadmills would have videos so dreamers could seem to be traveling in far-away places, or soaring high in the air or slicing through the depths of the sea, or simulate travel at super speed! Rather than punching one bag, you would take on three bags dressed as aliens, ninjas or pirates, or several combined to form a monster! These are just some of the possibilities.

Then, someday, imagine dreamers doing all of these things and more, on a grand scale, perhaps in a distant, isolated location with futuristic vehicles to shuttle you to it (and thus avoid adding to the parking lot-covered area of America).  Dreamers could stay at the Starship Hotel, or in a cabin where technology for the future is being tested. There might be a robotic Dinosaur Park, a dome in which your movements are translated into sounds and lights, and different ways of simulating weightlessness or the ability to fly. Even going from one place to another would be done in unusual ways — raised clear plastic walkways, tricycles with huge balloon wheels for crossing over grassy areas gently, electric hovercraft, ziplines — perhaps ways not even invented yet.

As of January 2, 2016, it’s still all in my head, but by starting this website, I hope I am finally taking a step that will lead to making it come true. The next step is to gather fellow dreamers and their family and friends who like the idea, and this blog and its companion Facebook page may be the start of that.

Till then, please see my other blog, Fundamentalist Science


I was born in 1960, raised in a family of fundamentalist Christians (I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior as a child). A bookworm, dreamer, and nerd, I loved my faith and also science, fantasy, imagination, creativity — I could never settle on who I was and what I wanted to do, and never seemed to fit in anywhere. The Musement Park is meant to be as close as possible to a theme park on the planet I seemed to come from.