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Try: an Experimental Experiment

This is an experiment. This is only an experiment. This will be the only experiment on this site. This site will have only one experiment on it by me. I shall do only one experiment on this site and this is that one experiment. Only one experiment is needed for me to do on this site. On this site I will do an experiment but only this one, and only for one time. This is the time that I will do only one experiment on this site. An experiment on this site done by me will be done only once because that is all that is needed. Therefore, I shall conclude this one and only experiment on this site because it is finished now and only one experiment is needed for me to do on this site. So concludes the only experiment done by me on this site.

[ Administrator/Editor’s note on this Experiment ]

One of the reasons I’d like to have a Haven for Dreamers or Dreamer’s Workshop is because there are so many things I’d like to try that I could never do them all myself, so I would be happy to just see them getting done by someone else.  That means guiding them and sharing ideas. I’d love to mentor or collaborate with others in a number of subjects, such as basic BASIC computer programming, and I have some ideas about AI and robotics to try out, etc. Here, one of my sisters is taking the first step in trying something new — blogging! Wait till you see what she comes up with when she’s done practicing.  Maybe you could be next.

There’s so much more I’d like to try with you — how about learning and practicing a new language? I would also love to be mentored by people who know more about things than I do.  I have materials for learning French, Spanish and German (mostly the first two). Also art, optics, science, poetry and prose, as well as the aforementioned computer science and robotics. Anybody who lives in the area would be welcome to drop in and visit or stop by to borrow something. Got to start somewhere…