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Spirituality Is the Soul of Being a Hero

Why does a community hero training center need to address spirituality and inspiration?

The original ancient Grecian idea of a hero didn’t include spirituality. It included anybody who did something amazing, beyond the ability of ordinary people. Even  terrible acts of evil could make someone a hero. Today, heroes are people who are examples of doing good. This also means that heroes can be anybody, not just the super strong, brave, or smart.

We need to learn what goodness is, to find a strong reason to do good things for others. As neighbors living together in peace, there are many things that we all believe are good. As humans, of course we have differences, too. A community center for training heroes needs the help of all the spiritual and rational sources of belief in what’s good, to focus on what we all believe, and examine our differences with civility.
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I was born in 1960, raised in a family of fundamentalist Christians (I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior as a child). A bookworm, dreamer, and nerd, I loved my faith and also science, fantasy, imagination, creativity — I could never settle on who I was and what I wanted to do, and never seemed to fit in anywhere. The Musement Park is meant to be as close as possible to a theme park on the planet I seemed to come from.