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Samples: little oddities

samples:myB52Here are some samples of the little things that would be found in

the Haven for Dreamers,

possibly the first physical step toward The Musement Park.
There may not be much you can do with these things, but then again maybe finding things to do with them will be part of the fun and challenge. At any rate, I think they will spark some creativity and imagination.
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Join me! I’ve just put on a pot of Stone Soup!

Dreamers like me don’t often join things. We’re shy, odd, different somehow. The Musement Park is a dream for dreamers to share, its very heart is the desire to join with other dreamers.

You know the story of Stone Soup, right?

A wanderer enters an unfriendly village and can’t get anything more than the loan of a large pot of water, and even that is only after he promises to show he can make soup from a stone. He builds a fire and gets the water boiling, then pulls a small, polished stone from his pocket and tosses it in.  “Ah yes,” says the stranger, “this will be a fine soup after it boils awhile. It would be even better, though, if I had some seasoning.” A villager offers some salt and pepper in exchange for a share of the miraculous soup. The stranger accepts, and remarks that a potato or two would give the soup some body, and another villager volunteers to contribute a couple if he can share the the wonderful soup, too. One by one, the stranger mentions ingredients that would improve the soup, until finally all the villagers join in by adding something to make a hearty stew.

This stage of the Musement Park is just the stone in the water. I need other dreamers to join with me, dreamers who want to be with other dreamers who will enjoy the same things. We will do things together that we’ve only done alone before, sharing the things that other people look at and don’t see what fascinates us so. At first we’ll just talk about them here (and on Facebook, soon, I hope). I have lots of books and neat stuff to share in the Dreamer’s Haven, and I hope others  will add their stuff or start their own versions.  We may all be dreamers, but I’m sure we can be very different in other ways.join Sixtiesjoin goth

We’ll need money and people with business smarts. Perhaps a campaign on Kickstarter or Indiego would be the way to go. If you consider yourself a dreamer, join with me and let’s see what united dreamers can do!

Dreamers: The Musement Park Is for You

The Musement Park is a dream by a dreamer, for dreamers. It is a project for the future. The answer to the silent cry of dreamers everywhere for a place of their own. This blog is a taste of what is to come, an early-pre-alpha-testing version of the Park.

It is a theme park, but unlike most theme parks that are designed to amuse you, the Musement Park will bring out the joy of musing — thinking, creating, inventing, acting, imagining, pretending!

It may start with a smaller place that is at the core: a Haven for Dreamers.  People who are called dreamers, bookworms and nerds, the shy, awkward types who would rather participate in a science fair, art exhibition, language club or dramatic production than in sports or parties. Here we begin with a library of books, not all kinds of books but many: science, art, crafts, languages! But this is not just a library, it’s the ultimate hands-on museum, for besides the books there are materials for creating art, kits for building models, electronics, robotics, and for doing scientific experiments. Microscopes and telescopes, color filters, lenses, and other optical paraphernalia. An aquarium and a micro-zoo  with an ant farm and other very tiny animals, and plants growing in a sunny place by a window. There are even toys and games that are educational. As it grows, space would be added for radio controlled vehicles, robots, and aircraft. All gathered in one place, where dreamers could do the things they love with other dreamers. Continue reading Dreamers: The Musement Park Is for You