This is just to save some notes I made and share them with those who are especially interested in this project and its development. It gives a sketchy outline overview of what is expressed more fully in other posts.

Main Documents

1) Summary (initial presentation), 2) COMmUNITY Center Story (background, history, sources of inspiration), 3) the Dreamer’s Workshop (“Brains”), 4) Spirituality or inspiration (“Spirit”), 5) Fantasy Heroes Training Center (“Brawn”)

Extended Notes

Funding (brief & extended notes), organizations and business to connect with maybe, Alternative education and training, Name Ideas, ‘similar’ organizations-businesses, Spirituality – Inspiration – Service, Super Hero Theme

partly DISTRIBUTED organization — a nexus connecting a network of existing organizations and businesses.

The Goal

Encourage and assist the community (especially children and senior citizens) to live to their full potential intellectually, spiritually, physically, and every way: emotionally, economically, socially…


The Dreamer’s Workshop — a place for nerds, artists, tinkers, crafters, creators, inventors – to be together, pool their resources, do bigger and better things together, share their knowledge and talents, encourage and train younger people.


The Fantasy Heroes Training Center (FHTC) — A place for physical activities that engage the imagination. Ways of getting a workout without the monotony and repetition of exercises, weightlifting, treadmills, stationary bikes. Active fun without the pressure to perform of competitive sports, e.g. nobody left out in left field with nothing to do until they suddenly have to perform flawlessly or disappoint their team. Obstacle Course (outdoors and/or indoors), climbing walls, adventure room, more!?


Onward and Upward Club — Prayer and Meditation room, inspiring poems, posters, old-fashioned Sing-alongs, hymns. Civic projects – Clean-ups, food drives, blood drives, etc.

Starting Activities

(Zero or low-cost, no permanent physical location needed)


Solar concentrator (mirrors & lenses) experiments, Solar power experiments, Magnetics, Making kaleidoscopes, Origami, Tracing, making an “Air-swimming” dual bike, Pontoon raft with milk jugs, Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming (BYO laptops and tablets), Robot toys and RC vehicles


Multiple punching-bag monsters, targets for soft toy weapons, slalom running, existing “obstacles” course.


Discussion group: Pick ONE topic, stick to it, only represent the positives for your view, not negatives of others. “Songspiration”: Sing fun old-time songs or favorite hymns together, or take turns singing (Disney karaoke? check with BMI, ASCAP or SESAC?). Work on a community service, environmental, or town improvement project.

Some INSPIRATION for this project

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world – indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

The Starfish Story — “It makes a difference to this one.”
The story of Stone Soup — amazing things can happen when everyone contributes.


The Mad Scientist Club books (http://www.madscientistsclub.com/MSC/Books.html)
Also: Brains Benton series, Tom Swift, Danny Dunn
The Boxcar Children’s museum
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium
Tomorrowland (the Disney Movie)

Marvel Comic’s “Danger Room”
Ninja Warrior, Spartan Runs, etc.

The Bible
Shakespeare and other classical literature
The writings of Sir Francis Bacon
The Bridgewater Treatises

Many, many heroes of faith and human service

The Salons of 17th and 18th century Paris
The Chautauqua Institution and movement
Olympics of the Mind
TED talks
STEAM education movement

Joe Pardo’s Dreamer’s Podcast