A Dream for All Dreamers: Let’s Make It Come True!

What Is Your Dream?

Do you dream of a world where everyone is good and kind, where they talk quietly about their differences rather than fight over them? That’s what this dream is about.

Have you wanted to learn something new without going back to school? Have you dreamed about inventing something? Would you like to share your hobby or art with other people? Are you interested in passing on what you know to a new generation? This dream is for you.

This dream is also for those who played sports just because everyone else did. It’s for people who want to exercise but are bored to death by it. It’s for people who want to safely play out the heroic adventures they dream about.

Let’s Make The Dream Come True

Let’s create a place for doing amateur science experiments. We will get together and play with our RC drones and other vehicles. At the same place we will create and display arts and crafts. In another room we will keep all sorts of musical instruments to practice on and make music like nobody has heard before. Another area would have inspiring posters, a bulletin board listing community problems to be solved, and organizations and events dedicated to solving them. We will make another area our imaginary land of adventuring, heroic deeds and physical challenges.

There are some places where you can do some of these things. I believe putting them all side-by-side will make something greater. New ideas will be sparked. New possibilities will be imagined and realized. People will come together with shared interests and goals. It will promote real, happy and helpful interactions in this time when divisions make news and our connections are virtual.

Come with me to make our future together a better place. Catch the vision and lead the way if you can.

The Community Center Elevator Pitch


Mary at theodore.design offered the great idea of making a short description, an “elevator pitch,” that would quickly grab attention.


I have a dream for a place that’s three things in one. One part is fun hands-on learning. The second is physical activity for people who want to try something different from competitive sports and repetitive exercises. The third part is about spiritual and moral growth, understanding, and service. I am sending detailed information out in the hope that some person, business, non-profit, or city hall will catch the vision and make it real. If anyone nearby wants to do this with my help, I can provide a number of materials as well as ideas and presentations. Continue reading The Community Center Elevator Pitch

The Fantasy Heroes’ Training Center

Filling a Gap in Physical Fitness: The Fantasy Heroes’ Training Center

The situation:

If we’re going to include a facility for physical fitness training in our community center, I propose that we do something different. There are plenty of school sports programs, tracks, and fields. There are summer sports leagues. There are tennis courts and basketball courts in the parks. There are golf courses and swimming pools. There are gyms, workout centers, and martial arts dojos.

Still, a lot of people don’t get much exercise. I think the problem is that all these forms of exercise simply aren’t enjoyable for them. Playing competitive sports can be a miserable experience if you’re not at least moderately good at them. Trying to get in shape with most exercises is doubly difficult when you’re dying of boredom as well as physical exertion. I think we need something that offers fun new physical challenges that individuals can enjoy at their own pace. Continue reading The Fantasy Heroes’ Training Center

I Have the Stone: Materials for The Dreamer’s Workshop


I’ve already started my “stone soup” plan for a community center. Over the years I have dreamed about a special place for people to do things together. I love artistic and other creative activities, amateur science projects, and anything fun and brainy. Not only have I dreamed about it, I have collected books, equipment and materials. It should be a good stone to start the “stone soup” of a real place. Continue reading I Have the Stone: Materials for The Dreamer’s Workshop

Spirituality Is the Soul of Being a Hero

Why does a community hero training center need to address spirituality and inspiration?

The original ancient Grecian idea of a hero didn’t include spirituality. It included anybody who did something amazing, beyond the ability of ordinary people. Even  terrible acts of evil could make someone a hero. Today, heroes are people who are examples of doing good. This also means that heroes can be anybody, not just the super strong, brave, or smart.

We need to learn what goodness is, to find a strong reason to do good things for others. As neighbors living together in peace, there are many things that we all believe are good. As humans, of course we have differences, too. A community center for training heroes needs the help of all the spiritual and rational sources of belief in what’s good, to focus on what we all believe, and examine our differences with civility.
Continue reading Spirituality Is the Soul of Being a Hero

Try: an Experimental Experiment

This is an experiment. This is only an experiment. This will be the only experiment on this site. This site will have only one experiment on it by me. I shall do only one experiment on this site and this is that one experiment. Only one experiment is needed for me to do on this site. On this site I will do an experiment but only this one, and only for one time. This is the time that I will do only one experiment on this site. An experiment on this site done by me will be done only once because that is all that is needed. Therefore, I shall conclude this one and only experiment on this site because it is finished now and only one experiment is needed for me to do on this site. So concludes the only experiment done by me on this site.

[ Administrator/Editor’s note on this Experiment ]

One of the reasons I’d like to have a Haven for Dreamers or Dreamer’s Workshop is because there are so many things I’d like to try that I could never do them all myself, so I would be happy to just see them getting done by someone else.  That means guiding them and sharing ideas. I’d love to mentor or collaborate with others in a number of subjects, such as basic BASIC computer programming, and I have some ideas about AI and robotics to try out, etc. Here, one of my sisters is taking the first step in trying something new — blogging! Wait till you see what she comes up with when she’s done practicing.  Maybe you could be next.

There’s so much more I’d like to try with you — how about learning and practicing a new language? I would also love to be mentored by people who know more about things than I do.  I have materials for learning French, Spanish and German (mostly the first two). Also art, optics, science, poetry and prose, as well as the aforementioned computer science and robotics. Anybody who lives in the area would be welcome to drop in and visit or stop by to borrow something. Got to start somewhere…

Dreams: Poems for Dreamers

Poems for Dreamers

Until (if ever) there is a real Haven for Dreamers, I hope this blog will serve as a virtual haven for dreamers, and for those who do find their way here, I offer these poems of camaraderie…


Dreams are such diaphanous things:
they fly on fast electrical wings
in the fluid flux of our minds.
Dreams are such an ephemeral kind;
they blossom, grow, and then unwind,
and sublimate into the air.
Dreams are made of various stuff:
with feathers, scales, or golden hair,
and moonbeams, cobwebs, and fluff.
Dreams are like scintillant rings,
like thunderflash or wild wind noise,
or like a star that gently sings.
But dreams are cold and empty toys
when no one else will share their joys.
Help me make my dreams come true,
and I’ll share them all,
each one,
with you.
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Steal this idea … please!

Steal this idea? Why would anybody want someone to steal the dream that haunted them their whole adult life? Raccoon with flashlight and sack steal

Because the dream is not for me, I don’t have a desire to run the place. I’m not a boss or entrepreneur, and I don’t see this idea as a way to fame or fortune (nor am I primarily motivated by a desire for fame and fortune).  I simply love the idea of such a place being real. I only want to be a part of it.

There are several ways you could steal this idea…

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